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Download our latest white-paper – Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Presentation

15 Jul

Kenny here. Today, I’d like to give our loyal blog followers, a nice little present from the Big Fish Presentations team.

You can now download our newest white-paper Seven Ways to Rock Your Next Presentation by clicking on the picture above or clicking the link here. It’s our first white-paper, and I personally am rather proud of it. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back on your thoughts. Feel free to leave us any comments, thoughts and opinions, as we’ll be looking to update this whitepaper within the next couple of months.

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Happy presenting!

– Kenny Nguyen, Big Fish Presentations


5 Small Business Tools We Love:

29 Apr

DISCLAIMER: So I know this is a presentation blog, but hear me out; I just love the sport of business and the subject of entrepreneurship. A friend recently asked me about some tools I use in my business and that inspired me to do this blog post.

While I would love to write about the latest new business tools available, the tools I write about below are actual online tools we use daily to run Big Fish Presentations.

If you would like to chat further about tools I didn’t talk about below, feel free to shoot me an email at kenny@bigfishpresentations.com. I’d love to chat and maybe we can both learn something!

– Kenny


As any owner of a growing startup, your job title may be CEO, but sometimes you may have to play other roles to get things done (such as accounting, sales, marketing, and, sometimes in our case, fish tank cleaner). Large corporations often have the “luxury” of having large departments handle their day-to-day operations while small business owners, like myself, are left multi-tasking quite frequently.

Luckily, there are some online tools out there that make life a LOT easier when it comes to handling finances, managing projects, tracking employee hours, and communicating with your customers.

While we’re sure that there are other great tools out there, below are 5 awesome online tools we use daily that we can vouch for:

1) Wave Accounting:




What is it:

Wave accounting is a free easy-to-use online application that helps small businesses manage their accounting.

Why’s it awesome:

  • It pretty much can run as your small accounting department.
  • Generates organized and easy-to-read journal entries, balance sheets, expense reports, etc.
  • Very easy to use, even for accounting amateurs.
  • Syncs with most banks and updates automatically with your banking transactions.
  • Gives you an option to insight into your own personal finances.
  • It’s free. Period.
  • Offers great deals from various advertisers.

Bottom line:

Awesome tool for small business owners wanting to keep track of their finances.

2) Clockspot:




What is it:

Online application that lets employees clock in or clock out from any computer or phone.

Why’s it awesome:

  • Easily track employee hours.
  • Employees can post progress reports to show what was done for each clock-in session.
  • Generates payroll data to excel with online employee time sheets.
  • Free 30 Day trial with different pricing options for size of team.

Bottom Line:

Awesome web application that provides a very convenient way to track employees time records from multiple locations. Even more awesome this platform generates payroll reports.

3) Asana



Project Management

What is it:

An easy-to-use customizable project management tool that tracks projects while keeping your whole team in the loop.

Why’s it awesome:

  • Great way to keep track of projects and prioritize tasks.
  • You can update tasks through email.
  • Receive email updates when projects are updated
  • Shortkeys make it very intuitive to use.
  • Can assign tasks to certain individuals
  • Other individuals can follow tasks to receive updates on progress
  • Activity feed provides chat-room like updates on projects or tasks
  • The attach file feature is pretty handy.
  • It’s free for up to 30 users!

Bottom line:

Founded by a former co-founder of Facebook, this web app provides a great way to track projects, reduce email clutter, and manage tasks with teams. We also love the clean interface.

4) Dropbox:



Cloud Storage

What is it:

Cloud storage for files that can be accessed through almost any computer and mobile device.

Why’s it awesome:

  • Great tool to access files anywhere on the go.
  • Syncs great to your desktop computer or mobile phone.
  • I can’t honestly ever remember a time when the servers were down.
  • Shows a track record of actions done on folders.
  • Can share dropbox to collaborate on projects with friends, family, team members, clients, etc.
  • Syncs with other apps like dropitto.me & Asana (see above) to provide better project management.
  • Starts off free with 2GB, but also gives option of various payment plans for more GB storage.

Bottom Line:

Literally one of the handiest tools we have ever used at Big Fish Presentations. Keeps all our files accessible for all of our team members to access anywhere. Very handy also when wanting to send large files to clients.

5) Google Voice:




What is it:

One of the Google App features that allows users to register a free number that can be used to reach you no matter where you are. It also keeps track of your voicemail through an online portal.

Why’s it awesome:

  • Provides one number that can reach all your phones (i.e. cell,home, office) at the same time.
  • Can make calls with number through phone app or online portal.
  • Customizable voicemail greetings for different groups.
  • Can send free text messages with the google voice number.
  • Voicemails are transcribed and can be sent to your email.
  • Syncs with your google contacts.
  • Low rates for international calls.

Bottom Line:

Very handy for small businesses when phone landline cost are deemed unnecessary and you would rather just designate a mobile phone as your office phone.


While I’m sure there are tons of other great small business online tools out there, the tools featured above have proven to be very useful in our business.

We would love to hear about any useful tools that have helped changed your business below in the comments section. If you personally use any of the tools we mentioned above, please mention any creative ways you use them to get the most out of it.

We’re always open to learn over here at the Big Fish Presentations office.

Happy Sunday and be sure to subscribe to our blog (in the top right corner) for future presentation tips + updates!

[UPDATE] Other services we utilize that was not mentioned above are online calling platform Skype and file-sending service Yousendit.com.

The 3 T’s of Entrepreneurship

5 Mar


en·tre·pre·neur / äntrəprəˈno͝or/

  1. A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so.

Entrepreneurs are game-changers.

By their very nature, they are re-inventors, originators of fresh ideas.

In their day-to-day activities, they take risks and pursue their dreams so that they can continue to push the boundary in their chosen industry.

We believe Baton Rouge is a very healthy environment for entrepreneurs.  There is a community here that truly embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.  Big Fish has been fortunate to grow up in this area, learning from and interacting with the various entrepreneur groups and businesses.  Along the way, we have picked up a few tricks of the trade that have worked for us and that we believe can help you in your ventures, whether they are entrepreneurial or not.

So, here are a few tips we’d like to share with you: The 3 T’s of entrepreneurship


Simply put, great work comes from great talent.  If you want the best for your business you need the best skills on your team.  You want the best hired guns to get the job done. You want quality, not quantity.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should always hire the brains over the personality.  It means that not just any group can succeed.  The group functionality depends on many variables.  A five-star team can be built in many ways, which leads me to my next “T.”


A company is only as strong as the many elements of which it is made up.  The efforts of a single person or small group of people is definitely influential.  However, in order to make a true impact on the world, there has to be trust (which could be a fourth “T,” but odd numbers rule) throughout the entire organization.  One bad attitude or lazy work ethic can “ruin the bunch.”  Having a cohesive crew of hardworking people makes a bigger splash than a few extremely talented ones.


Most entrepreneurs exist because they want to change something.  We noticed something in our daily lives, and at one point said, “Hey, I can do that better and differently!” It is important to follow trends because it’s a great way a company can keep re-inventing itself.  Without change, without adaptation, companies would keep following the same business model, and eventually become stale and stagnant.  Now, the other side of this “T” is not always following trends, but setting them.  This is the more powerful side of trends.  Being a trendsetter is very risky, but if pulled off correctly will pay for itself tenfold.

So, there you have it, the three T’s of entrepreneurship.  Again, these aren’t commandments or even rules, but simply tips that have worked for us in the past and which we definitely look to in our ventures.

Keep in mind, these are only our takes on entrepreneurship.  We aren’t so arrogant as to think we know more about it than most.  No, not at all.  In fact, we have much, much more to learn in our business practices, and are on the lookout for the latest ideas and concepts.  We have put some of our ideas to the test, and it has paid off thus far.  We have entered several contests, and have been lucky to have been mentioned a few times in the Baton Rouge area, as well as a bit of national attention.

After some time and hard work, we are in the final round for Inc.com‘s “Coolest College Start-Ups” contest.  We made it through 200 companies and are now in the top 18 nationally.  The voting process to be labeled the coolest college start-up has begun, and we are trying to rally everyone to vote for us.  We entered a pitch video based on a Goodfellas scene that pitches our company for the contest.  If you get a chance, go “like” our video here.

Big Fish Presentations 2012 Inc.com Pitch Video

We are giving it our best shot, using these 3 T’s along the way.  We are always optimistic about the future, and we love our community.  Baton Rouge has played a crucial role in our growth and our passion.  We believe that we are surrounded by young, talented individuals that help us to understand what it takes to be successful.

So, what do you think?  What are your “T’s”?

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?